Engineering excellence – IZS

Engineering excellence – IZS


The Council of Experts is a consultative body that draws up proposals, recommendations, delivers opinions and findings regarding thequality of services performed by an individual certified engineer, and regarding the suitability of services according to the code of professional ethics.

Each section has its own Council of Experts.
The Council of Experts deals with professional issues related to project and other documentation, signed by a member of a certain section, and with matters that are submitted for discussion by the executive board of a certain section of by the chamber’s executive board.
The Council of Experts draws up proposals, recommendations, delivers opinions and findings in accordance with legislation, standards and criteria which are in force in the Republic of Slovenia, and on the basis of their professional judgment.


In the second half-year of 2007 the IZS established the Commission for good practices. The Commission’s mission is to promote good engineering practices to improve the work of engineers in the building and construction process. The Commission is composed of representatives of individual sections of the IZS, whereas the professional services of IZS provide all the technical and operational assistance the Commission needs for its work. Through the work of the Commission moreover, the IZS wishes to contribute to improving the quality of engineering services and the quality of building and construction works as such. Services supported by the expertise and innovation of engineers have been one of the most important foundations for the successful economic growth of our country in the past, remain so in the present and shall be still more in the future.


Good engineering practice has its foundation in the “rules of the profession”, including:
• Legislation, technical regulations and compulsory standards,
• Statute and other acts of the IZS,
• Code of Ethics of the IZS,
• criteria for evaluating engineering services,
• the principles of good practice and
• the state of the art.

Non-compliance with and violation of the Code of professional ethics, professional rules and regulations (laws, regulations, technical and other regulations and standards) or acts of the IZS, represent an infringement of IZS rules according to the organization’s disciplinary rules.

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