Building Permission Applications in Slovenia

The subject of building permission in Slovenia is one that we are often asked about by our clients. We have experience of working with many clients to obtain many different types of building permission with the assistance of our range of partner architects / land surveyors / other specialists. The guide below aims to give a basic understanding of the situations when building permission is required and process to obtain it. Please note the permission process is complex and changes to the law are regular so we always recommend that clients discuss their situation with us and we can help put you in touch with the relevant specialists for a point of view on your position where appropriate. Please see our building from scratch page for more information on how the building permission process fits into the overall building process.


Simple buildings (enostavni objekti)

A simple building is a building that is structurally simple and doesn’t need to be checked or approved by a structural engineer. Simple buildings are not intended for dwelling and it has minimal impact on it’s surroundings. Examples of simple buildings provided that they have a footprint of less than 20m2.


Un-complex buildings (nezahtevni objekt)

Structurally simple buildings are also not intended for dwelling but nevertheless require building permission. The process of obtaining the building permission is simplified and can be usually be done without the services of architects / other professionals. We can assist owners in obtaining the relevant paperwork to make these submissions. The process involves filling in forms with sketches and submitting it to the relevant authorities.


Low complexity buildings (manj zahtevni objekt)

The official definition of low complexity buildings is that these are all buildings which do not fall into the other three categories of simple / un-complex / complex buildings. In practice this means virtually all residential units if their gross area is less than 2,000 m2 and the building is lower than 25m. Practically all family homes correspond to this group.


Complex buildings (zahtevni objekt)

A complex building is a building where people are inhabiting (living, working or recreation) with large dimensions: 2,000.00 m2 gross area and higher of 25m. They may include residential buildings, garage houses , churches, tourism buildings, restaurants, business premises, retail units etc.